Two Ton Anvil


Two Ton AnvilDark Star recording artist’s Two Ton Anvil is lead and fronted by vocalist/guitarist founding member Reed McCallister. Reed formed TWO TON ANVIL in summer of 2008. With talent and endless creativity to deliver, the Two Ton Anvil project is some of the heaviest and marketable music that Reed has ever created. Reed completed his vision by adding bassist Glenn Christon and drummer Marcus Lee. Combining several metal genres like mid tempo heavy groove with some fast metal there’s no question that tunes like “Victims,” “Ballbreaker,” and “Loyalty” are catchy tunes that keep you coming back for more. Maybe you want the speed of “Glass Houses” & “Murder Cage” or the melodies of “Still Afraid” & “You’re Daze.” Whatever type of metal you’re looking for; these guys seem to have it. The big production of Two Ton Anvil’s material proves there is no lack of engineering and production expertise on this project. The band has a meaty mind crushing sound with huge vocals and catchy melodies that are guaranteed to hold your attention and thump through your speakers while tapping your feet and banging your head! The band has consistently held multiple spots in the top ten lists of various websites claiming the 1 spot in several categories. World released on as featured artists in an interview with host Mike Cameo. Listen to how many months 2008-2013 that TWO TON ANVIL has been showcased on Indies Top 10 podcasts and over 2 dozen internet sites on the World Wide Web. Not only has Two Ton Anvil been slowly making a name for themselves in local Chicago music scene but also have shared the stage with national acts such as Five Finger Death Punch, Bury your Dead, In this Moment, Another Black Day, Kittie, Dirge Within, Texas Hippie Coalition, etc. With the debut self titled CD in stores now and the second CD ‘Coming Home’ released 9/11/2012 the band has enjoyed success on their first world television premiered video “Corruption” also releasing the “Corruption” single on national radio airwaves – Two Ton Anvil’s gearing up for a full out touring schedule with coast to coast scheduling in the works. With Dark Star Records behind the group good things are certain to happen for this hard working group of dedicated musicians. It is only a matter of time before these metal maniacs start “taking over” from city to city and making an even bigger name for themselves.

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