The German Hard Rock Band UNBREAKABLE Inks Deal with West Coast Merch and Celebrity Swag


We are pleased to announce that the German Hard Rock Band UNBREAKABLE has signed a deal with West Coast Merch and Celebrity Swag. And, we now have a full line of merchandise available.



UNBREAKABLE is a German Hard-Rock-/Heavy-Metal-Band from Hessen, Germany. As one of very few German bands, UNBREAKABLE is one of the hope of Hard-Rock-/Heavy-Metal bands of the world in the recent years. In the last few years UNBREAKABLE have built up a fan base for example in many European countries, such as Greece, France, Portugal, Poland or North and South America, Russia, Japan or Australia and is be traded as a tip for HARD ROCK MADE IN GERMANY. 2013 they produced their first album “KNOCKOUT”, with the producer HERMAN RAREBELL former Scorpions Drummer and hit writer of songs like “Rock you Like a Hurricane”, “Blackout” and many more. It was recorded at the PRINCIPAL STUDIOS Muenster, Germany and the KIDROOM STUDIO with MICHAEL VOSS (Mad Max/ producer Michael Schenker). As a result they have signed a record deal at the Hard Rock and Metal Label DARK STAR Records from Chicago America 2014. The Label is a Cutting Edge Major Label in Association with Sony Music Entertainment. The Album will be released in America 29th July 2014 and 18th August 2014 in Europe.

Check out UNBREAKABLE’s Full Line of Merchandise:

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UNBREAKABLE Bottle Opener Key Chain

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“The House of Evil” Featuring Michael Berryman is Shooting this Summer “Merchandise Now Available”

Stephanie Van Rijn

Stephanie Van Rijn

Massimiliano (Max) Cerchi’s New Film “The House of Evil” will be filmed this Summer and there is already a lot of excitement surrounding this film. Max has been making horror films for more than twenty years, and some of his films have sold over 250,000 DVD’s Worldwide, such as Hellinger, Holy Terror and Carnage: The Legend of Quiltface. So, with the news of his new film “The House of Evil” going into pre production, SGL Entertainment was quick to secure a DVD, Blu-ray, VOD and Cable TV deal with Max and Dark Mountain Pictures. And, the Film has already been pre sold to Japan, Sweden, and several other countries.

Watch the Pre Production Teaser Trailer:

THE HOUSE OF EVIL is about a couple who buy a beautiful house only to find out that the house is a portal to Hell… and, literary, HELL will break loose. The story is a throwback of the 80’s horror films. The movie will be a mix between Poltergeist and Hellraiser, with lots of practical real special effects, and not as much CGI. The prosthetic designs will be done by CFX, the same company that is behind the effects for WOLVERINE and 2 GUNS. “There will be 3 different demons throughout the movie, each character will be a new horror icon in my opinion” quotes Massimiliano (Max) Cerchi.

Jeff Kim

Jeff Kim

The movie stars Jeff Kim, Stephanie Van Rijn, Bill Pacer and Dawna Lee Heising with a special guest appearance by Michael Berryman who starred in The Hills Have Eyes, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Star Trek, The Devil’s Rejects, Ed Gein, Weird Science, The X-Files and many other Great Films and TV Shows. The main male lead role will be played by Jeff Kim, an amazing actor, Stephanie will be the female lead, she is a great actress from Canada, Bill Pacer will be playing Zoltar, a psychic who is sent to help the young couple, a co-lead role, and Dawna Lee Heising will be featured as the real estate agent. THE HOUSE OF EVIL will be filmed in 3D with an ultra high 4K Resolution. And will be Available Worldwide in 2015 via SGL Entertainment and their partners The MVD Entertainment Group along with Indie Rights Distribution.

Michael Berryman

Michael Berryman

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The House of Evil

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Ron Keel Inks Deal with West Coast Merch and Celebrity Swag

Ron KeelVocalist/entertainer Ron Keel has signed with West Coast Merch/Celebrity Swag to launch an extensive merchandising campaign featuring Keel’s new “Metal Cowboy” merchandise. “The Metal Cowboy brand lends itself really well to a lot of different items,” Keel proudly explains. “It’s more than just an album cover; it’s a work of art that makes a statement about our way of life and our desire to stay wild forever!” Ron begins a fourth decade as a recording artist with the release of his first rock solo album “Metal Cowboy” and the release of his official autobiography “Even Keel: Life On The Streets Of Rock and Roll.” He first came to prominence as the frontman for Steeler in 1983, a mainstay on the early 80’s LA rock scene who went on to record one of the biggest selling independent hard rock albums of all time; he was able to turn that accomplishment into major label success with his own band KEEL, who went on to record three albums (two of which were produced by Gene Simmons) that charted in Billboard’s Hot 100. KEEL toured with and opened for heavyweights like Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Van Halen and Aerosmith. In the 90’s, Keel set his sights on country music and while touring the world as a country artist he also enjoyed contributing music to hit television shows such as “X-Files,” “Desperate Housewives,” and major theatrical films like “Chill Factor” and “The Messengers.” In 2009, KEEL (the band) reunited for a new album (“Streets Of Rock & Roll”) and tour dates across America and Europe, including festival appearances at M3, Rocklahoma, and many more. KEEL celebrates their 30th Anniversary as a band at the 2014 M3 Festival in Baltimore April 26th. Ron has also made his mark in radio with his own syndicated show, “Streets Of Rock & Roll.” The show just celebrated its 100th episode on over 50 stations worldwide. The brash rock-and-talk format is entertaining and informative and has featured appearances by rock stars, TV stars, authors, and industry insiders. In an effort to musically satisfy his metal heart and cowboy attitude, Ron Keel set out to create a sonic landscape where he could combine the best elements of both with his new project “Metal Cowboy.” The album, which was released in January, has received an overwhelmingly positive reaction from fans and media worldwide, and Ron will spend a lot of time on the road promoting the album, book, and merchandise across the country and beyond. Confirmed performances include the 2014 Monsters Of Rock Cruise & the Hollywood Show. “I’m really excited to be working with West Coast Merch/Celebrity Swag,” Keel proclaims. “They share my vision of creating a variety of quality merchandise that not only looks cool but is useful in everyday life. So, I can’t wait to crack open my first beer with the Metal Cowboy keychain bottle opener!”

Metal Cowboy Album

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Even Keel Autobiography

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And Check out Ron Keel’s Full Line of Merchandise:

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Hollywood Filmmaker Ted V. Mikels Inks Deal with West Coast Merch and Celebrity Swag

Ted V MikelsWest Coast Merch and Celebrity Swag are pleased to announce that they have signed a deal to roll out merchandise for Ted V. Mikels and some of his biggest films. Ted V. Michaels, Born Theodore Vincent Mikacevich in 1929, Oregon native Ted V. Mikels, with his distinctive handlebar mustache and famed for his unorthodox lifestyle, is one of the most eccentric and endearing figures in the cult horror pantheon. Beginning his entertainment career at age 15 as a stage magician and ventriloquist, the young Mikels moved to California in the 1950s, where he learned every aspect of the film business by working as a stunt man, editor, sound technician, cinematographer, and even music composer on films directed by figures such as Andre de Toth and Andrew V. McLaglen. In 1963, he directed his first feature, Strike Me Deadly. The film was made in Oregon to keep the budget reasonable, yet Mikels was forced to repeatedly mortgage his home to complete it. Although it played in theaters for years, he never saw a penny, teaching him a bitter lesson about the necessity for securing distribution rights as an independent producer. Undaunted, the enterprising director explored various exploitation genres in films such as The Black Klansman, Agent for H.A.R.M., and The Girl in Gold Boots throughout the decade, earning the persistent filmmaker quite a bit of money. Girl In Gold BootsIt was during this time that Mikels purchased an old castle in Las Vegas, where he lived with as many as seven different women at a time. One of the “castle women” was Tura Satana, who had acted in Russ Meyer’s cult classic Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (1966).

Astro Zombies M4She appeared in Mikels’ first horror film, The Astro-Zombies, which also featured film legend John Carradine, Insane Monsters, and MASH star Wayne Rogers as a co-producer. It quickly became one of the most beloved titles in the world of sci-fi cult horror films. Mikels cemented his reputation as a genius cult filmmaker with his best-known film, 1972′s The Corpse Grinders. Made on a shoestring budget, this jaw-dropping spectacle told the tale of grave robbers selling human meat as cat food after feeding them through a “diabolical machine” turning their bodies into hamburger meat. In the film, cats develop a taste for human flesh after eating the food, resulting in several ludicrously staged feline attacks. The film’s originality, and creative low budget filmmaking techniques made it a grind-house staple for over a decade. Ted V. Mikels then made his comeback with the exploitative occult film Blood Orgy of the She-Devils (shot in his famous castle). For the next three decades Ted V. Mikels would focus on action films and television. Mikels continued to work steadily, directing such successful efforts as Ten Violent Women and The Doll Squad which had been rumored to be the inspiration for the successful TV Series “Charlies Angels”. Ted V. Mikels would continue with his onslaught of producing great cult films with The Corpse Grinders 2, Female Slaves Revenge, Mark of the Astro-Zombies, Cauldron: Baptism of Blood, Demon Haunt, Astro Zombies: M3 – Cloned, The Corpse Grinders 3 and in 2012 Ted V. Mikels filmed the Epic Sci-Fi Thriller Astro Zombies: M4 – Invaders from Cyberspace. Many of the actors in these Ted V. Mikels films later went on to star in the following films and TV shows: KUNG FU, LOVE AMERICAN STYLE, IRONSIDE, THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES, STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE, BABYLON 5, MURDER SHE WROTE, HUNTER, CHIPS, FANTASY ISLAND, KOJAK, THE ROCKFORD FILES, MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE, HAWAII FIVE O, MOD SQUAD, and More!!! Ted V. Mikels has been making films for over 60 years, he’s now 85 years old and still making movies. A True Hollywood Legend.

View Merchandise

View Merchandise

Ted V. Mikels

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Girl In Gold Boots The Corpse Grinders The Doll Squad 10 Violent Women

Herman Rarebell Ex Scorpions Drummer Launches His New Line of Merchandise with West Coast Merch and Celebrity Swag

Herman RarebellWest Coast Merch and Celebrity Swag Has a Full Line of Merchandise for the Legendary “Scorpions” Drummer Herman Rarebell. Herman penned the lyrics for some of the most classic songs of the Scorpions entire history, including ‘Rock You Like a Hurricane,’ ‘Make It Real,’ ‘Dynamite,’ ‘Blackout,’ ‘Arizona,’ ‘Bad Boys Running Wild,’ ‘Don’t Stop At the Top,’ and ‘Tease Me Please Me,’ among countless others. Herman AKA Herman Ze German Released his Popular Solo Album “Take it as it Comes” on the Dark Star Records / Sony Music Entertainment Label. Herman is also known for his Herman Rarebell and Friends Albums which include Celebrity Friends like Don Dokken, Jack Russell, Tony Martin and Others. So, Check out the New Line of Killer Herman Rarebell Merchandise at:

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Herman Rarebell Acoustic FeverHerman Rarebell just finished touring the world with Michael Schenker and is now On Tour Again in Support of his New Album



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Guitar Shred Demon David Shankle and “DSG” Have Just Signed On To The West Coast Merch and Celebrity Swag Roster

David ShankleWe are pleased to announce that West Coast Merch and Celebrity Swag has just signed a Deal with Guitar Shred Master David Shankle and his band the David Shankle Group also known as DSG. David Shankle first became a Metal Icon playing with the multi platinum band “Manowar” who have sold over 9 million albums worldwide. Manowar once held the Guinness Book of World Records for delivering the loudest performance. David Shankle played on The Triumph of Steel Album “1992” Atlantic Records, and has performed worldwide in front of crowds of 70,000+ Die Hard Metal Fans. This has built quite a loyal fan base for David Shankle. And, in 2010 David Shankle performed the “Demonic Solo” which was featured in the Cult Classic Vampie Film JEZEBETH, Directed by Damien Dante. The Blu-Ray for JEZEBETH which was released in 2013 worldwide via SGL Entertainment and RSquared Films features a special bonus feature music video of David Shankle performing the “Demonic Solo”. The video was produced by Dan Manzella. David Shankle is now currently performing with DSG. The David Shankle Group is a progressive power metal band founded by the legendary guitar virtuoso “The Shred Demon” Shankle. DSG is about pure talent and has been tagged “Dangerous Speed Guitar” by many well known and talented musicians. DSG has introduced the metal world, to a new breed of speed, while at the same time displaying awesome classical guitar and balladry on the band’s debut album. “Ashes To Ashes”. Which was released in 2003 on Magic Circle Music. Then in 2007 DSG released their second album “Hellborn” on “Magic Circle Music”. And, DSG is about ready to release their third album, more details coming soon. DSG is Warren Halvarson on vocals, Gabriel Anthony on drums, Mike Dooley on Bass and David Shankle on guitars.

The Triumph of Steel

DSG The David Shankle Group

Hellborn by DSG

Ashes To Ashes by DSG

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Drake Mefestta Inks a Deal with West Coast Merch and Celebrity Swag to Launch His New Line Called RomeAntique ™

Drake Mefestta

Drake MefesttaWe are pleased to announce that Drake Mefestta has signed a deal with West Coast Merch and Celebrity Swag to Launch his New Line of Merchandise. It’s called RomeAntique ™ and it combines the themes of old world Gothic with clean cut definition, hard edged style, and Roman themes which take form drawing from Drake’s heritage’s roots. Drake Mefestta is a Musician, Model, Actor, Graphic Artist and is Represented by SGL Entertainment.

“As always, I look to create that which I have yet to see, including apparel. I design for the demands from those dissatisfied by the mundane, with quality at the core of every piece, able to stand the test of time as has the themes that inspire it.”
-Drake Mefestta

West Coast Merch and Celebrity Swag ink a Deal with Scream Queen Melanie Denholme

Melanie DenholmeWe are pleased to announce the signing of Melanie Denholme to the West Coast Merch and Celebrity Swag Roster. Melanie Denholme is an award winning actress, producer and director with experience on screen and on stage. Melanie has just finished filming several new films: Scream Queen Killer, Dark Satanic Magick and Ancient Succubi. All are set for release later this year and early 2014. Her previous lead roles included Lady of the Dark, The Dark Watchers, Twisted and Others. West Coast Merch and Celebrity Swag will be creating a full line of merchandise for this rising film star. Items will include, cellphone cases, belt buckles, leather purses, watches, key chains, dog tags, playing cards and a full line of sexy flip top lighters.

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Melanie Denholme

Melanie Denholme


West Coast Merch

Melanie Denholme

West Coast Merch and Celebrity Swag Announce The New Stockpile of Indianapolis Metal Fest Merchandise


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