Guitar Shred Demon David Shankle and “DSG” Have Just Signed On To The West Coast Merch and Celebrity Swag Roster

David ShankleWe are pleased to announce that West Coast Merch and Celebrity Swag has just signed a Deal with Guitar Shred Master David Shankle and his band the David Shankle Group also known as DSG. David Shankle first became a Metal Icon playing with the multi platinum band “Manowar” who have sold over 9 million albums worldwide. Manowar once held the Guinness Book of World Records for delivering the loudest performance. David Shankle played on The Triumph of Steel Album “1992” Atlantic Records, and has performed worldwide in front of crowds of 70,000+ Die Hard Metal Fans. This has built quite a loyal fan base for David Shankle. And, in 2010 David Shankle performed the “Demonic Solo” which was featured in the Cult Classic Vampie Film JEZEBETH, Directed by Damien Dante. The Blu-Ray for JEZEBETH which was released in 2013 worldwide via SGL Entertainment and RSquared Films features a special bonus feature music video of David Shankle performing the “Demonic Solo”. The video was produced by Dan Manzella. David Shankle is now currently performing with DSG. The David Shankle Group is a progressive power metal band founded by the legendary guitar virtuoso “The Shred Demon” Shankle. DSG is about pure talent and has been tagged “Dangerous Speed Guitar” by many well known and talented musicians. DSG has introduced the metal world, to a new breed of speed, while at the same time displaying awesome classical guitar and balladry on the band’s debut album. “Ashes To Ashes”. Which was released in 2003 on Magic Circle Music. Then in 2007 DSG released their second album “Hellborn” on “Magic Circle Music”. And, DSG is about ready to release their third album, more details coming soon. DSG is Warren Halvarson on vocals, Gabriel Anthony on drums, Michael Streicher on Bass and David Shankle on guitars.

The Triumph of Steel


Hellborn by DSG

Ashes To Ashes by DSG

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